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YEAR 1: Comprehensive Free Beginner Piano Lessons:

Unit 1 is the very beginning of your piano learning adventure.  It’s exciting to learn to play piano, and I’m so glad to help you do it!

In Unit 1 you’ll begin learning:

  • Proper piano playing technique
  • The basics of reading piano music –
    • including simple rhythm and
    • how to read your first music notes in treble and bass clef,
  • Music theory
  • And, you’ll get your fingers ready for developing more coordination!  

You will not feel overwhelmed while working on this unit. It is ideal for new beginners to piano playing!


free beginner piano lessons for adults

In Year 1 Comprehensive Beginner Piano Lessons, I carefully explain the concepts and demonstrate all techniques. So that you are sure of what you are learning and how to practice. I give you the tools you need to assess your progress and feel proud and confident in your piano skills.

Make this the year you learn to play piano!

free beginner piano lessons traditional style

The great thing about video lessons is that you can rewind and re-watch or even pause the lesson to gain deeper understanding and learn at your own pace.  From anywhere in the world!

Let’s learn piano!

Get the e books:

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