Unit 2 – Beginner 2

Free Beginner Adult Piano Lessons - Playing Hands Together

Unit 2 continues developing your ability to play piano with ease while reading an expanding number of music notes on the staff. You will learn:

  • Musical symbols
  • Dynamics
  • Finger gyms in 3 different keys  
  • Tips for making sight reading easier
  • A first try at playing hands together.
  • Fun songs!

And you will increase your sight reading skills while getting a taste of playing piano with both hands at the same time!

Free Adult Beginner Piano Lessons - Ode to Joy
The Mini-Lessons Cover:

  • Lessons on musical concepts (theory,)
  • Exercises to develop your dexterity (technique),
  • Exercises in musical listening skills (ear training),
  • Tips for better music reading (sight reading skills.)
  • Short pieces of music (repertoire) to reinforce your learning!

Lesson Tracking is available for all who are enrolled.  Enrollment is FREE, just scroll to the bottom and click “take this course.”  

All of the videos and website content are available for free!  If you wish to have a copy of the lesson materials, the Unit 2 pdf ebook is available for instant download.

Free Adult Beginner Piano Lessons

 Get the printables for all 16 lessons in Unit 2.

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This isn’t Netflix! So, let’s not binge-watch!  

The best way to learn is in small doses every day with practice in between!



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