Unit 4 – Novice 2

Beginner Adult Piano Lessons Year 1 Unit 4
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Unit 4 contains 16 lessons.  In this unit you’ll be

  • reviewing all the notes,
  • adding to your rhythm and technical skills,
  • studying pieces of classic piano repertoire,
  • learning to play from a lead sheet using chord harmony,
  • and learning to play 3 major scales!


(Looking for Unit 3?)

The intent of the course is for you to take 4 mini-lessons in 4 days, and then practice for 3 days.  Meaning that the full 16 lessons will take 4 weeks to complete.  This will allow time for you to assimilate what you are learning and become physically comfortable and fluent.

Use the navagation menu on the right to find the complete list of lessons and topics covered.


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