Online Piano Class for Beginners

online piano class for beginners

Want to learn piano with the continued support of a dedicated teacher and an online community? You have come to the right place.

My online piano classes are interactive and dedicated to raw beginners. The whole learning experience is tailored to YOUR specific needs.

As a piano teacher who has worked with hundreds of students of all ages, I know that everyone learns differently. We all have a different way of absorbing information and of learning practical skills. This is why I created the online piano classes – to teach YOU how to play piano in a way that’s comfortable for YOU.

If you enroll in my online piano class, here’s what you can expect:

  • 5 months of bi-weekly (2x per month) online beginner piano classes, personalized to your learning needs – 45 minutes each
  • Access to lesson replays for a full year – for whenever you need to hit refresh.
  • Private Facebook Group where you can share videos and camaraderie – get inspiration and learn tips and tricks from yours truly AND your peers (see more details on this below).
  • Unlimited Q&A with your teacher Mon-Fri. This online piano course for beginners is all about YOUR needs. If you need extra help or suggestions, you can reach out to me anytime. I’m always happy to provide extra guidance and help to my dedicated students!
  • Flexibility – my online piano classes are just like learning with a live teacher, BUT with the added flexibility of creating your own learning and practicing schedule. Plus, you get the full support of the piano student community.
  • A truly tailor-made and student-centric piano learning experience – the spots in my online piano course are limited. That’s because I want to make sure that YOU, just like every other student, get all the attention you need in order to put your piano learning on the fast track.
  • More than one way to learn piano online – you can start at the very beginning or skip ahead if you’re confident in your current abilities (see details below).

Ready to enroll? Check out the options below!

What Do I Need to Enroll in the Online Piano Course for Beginners?

Don’t worry, you only need a few basics:

  • An internet connection (like the one you are using to read this)
  • An instrument (how else will you learn?). A piano or a digital keyboard are both excellent options
  • A Facebook account (if you want to join in on the fun & learning with me, your teacher, and your peers)

Not mandatory, but nice to have: a digital video device (smartphone, tablet, digital camera) to record and share video of yourself playing. Trust me, you will want to monitor your progress and see how far you’ve come in just five months.

Got all that?

Let’s get started! 

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Learn more about my online piano course.

LIVE CLASS:  45-minute live lessons, bi-weekly

  • January session begins Jan 14, 2019 with live classes every second week, ending May 21, 2019.
  • In each class you can participate in live, multi-camera lecture/demonstrations. All you have to do is click a link!
  • Join the lesson with your phone/webcam if you wish so you can ask questions in real time
  • Don’t worry if you can’t make the live class. All the classes will be recorded so that you don’t have to watch live to get full benefit from the program.
  • I will address all of your concerns and needs during the live class, regardless of whether you can be there live or not.

REPLAYS – until Dec 31, 2019

If you miss a lesson, no worries! All of the videos will be available for replay until Dec 31st, so you can go back and re-watch them as many times as you need to!

CURRICULUM: Year 1, Units 1-5 plus bonus supplementary songs to learn!

  • Curriculum* delivered to your email inbox with practice instructions and videos.
  • Personalized support for you in the live in bi-weekly Google Hangouts.
  • Experience Lisa’s teaching just as you would in her private piano teaching studio.
  • Each step of the way, the class will be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Extra pieces of music will be taught to enhance and complement your learning.
  • The main course ebook is purchased separately, you will receive a coupon code to purchase them at 50% off after you register.
  • All supplementary music taught during the course will be provided free of charge.

*Insert curriculum screenshots as they appear on the current page.


What’s better than learning with a teacher whose studio you visit once a week? Learning with a teacher you have unlimited access to!

Access Lisa five days a week in a special closed Facebook group where you can ask questions and share practice videos for individual feedback and support from fellow students.

In the Facebook group:

  • You’ll interact with other students.
  • Share your own practice videos (not mandatory, but recommended) – this means you’ll receive personalized feedback during the live lessons with tips to supercharge your learning!
  • Ask questions.
  • Share stories.
  • Have direct access to Lisa via this group Monday- Friday during the class term.
  • We’ll have challenges and prizes!
  • Plus, online un-recital opportunities (optional)

You won’t believe how much you’ll learn by participating in this group!

I want to learn piano in five months. Sign me up!

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